BEET IT Sport Shot – ON BACKORDER – 2 weeks


Research using BEET IT has demonstrated the dramatic impact it can have on improving stamina and enhance oxygen usage efficiency. The BEET IT SPORT shot’s natural dietary nitrates are a way to naturally boost Nitric Oxide levels in the blood stream, and as a result the Beet It Stamina shots are increasingly being regarded as the new super-fuel for elite athletes. It’s convenient to drink and it is 100% all natural JUICE!

  • 33% more natural dietary nitrate than the Organic shot
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide generation
  • Increases VO2 max
  • Aids in rapid muscle recovery
  • Just Concentrated Beet and lemon juice
  • Only 2oz/70ml
  • No preservatives
  • World’s first stamina shot

Shots are sold in cases. 1 case =15 x 70ml shots

The BEET IT Stamina shots also carry the logo of Informed Sport, an organization that tests products to provide assurance that athletes will not fail drugs tests as a result of using them.

Warning: Drinking beet juice may turn your urine pink; this is perfectly normal